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Creating The Basic Earring Hook

The “French Wires” or “Fish Hooks”, are often names given to this type of earring wire. They only require a few inches of wire and a limited amount of jewelry making tools to complete.

The materials needed to complete this Velcro project are 3 ½” of the wire of your choice. You will need round-nosed pliers, wire cutting tools, and a jeweler’s file. Round-nosed pliers are a great tool for making a small loop in your wire.

The first step in this process is to cut your wire evenly in half. It is recommended you file the ends to ensure their smoothness. This may only be necessary on the cut ends and will give your piece a more professional appearance.

Next you will need to grasp your wire on one end. Begin wrapping the end around the small part of your round-nosed pliers. The object at this time is to make a small loop on the end. Do one piece at a time. Compare the wires to each other to make sure they are uniformly created.

Now hold both wires together at the same time and in the same spot. With the thickest part of your round-nosed pliers, approximately ¼ ” past the loops just made, grab both wires. Use your fingers now to make a bend in the wires 180 degrees around the pliers. It is crucial they both look the same. Make sure you compare the wires before moving on to the each step.

The next step will be a slight bend and will help the wires look more rounded. Again, you will do this part with both wires at the same time. Place the larger part of the round-nosed pliers ¼” from the curl. The nose of the pliers should point up to the ceiling

and the curl in the wire should be horizontal to you. Very carefully squeeze the curl part and the flat part toward each other, making a slight bend. This will be about a 5 degrees bend.

Once this is complete, hold the wires next to each other and make sure they are still looking the same. To finish the wires place at the middle point of the round-nosed pliers, approximately ¼ ” from the ends. Slightly bend the ends at the same time. This bend will be about 25 degrees.

Your piece is now ready to add your beads and accessories to. As you can see, the basic earring hooks are easy to make. You may find even if you do not always make your own, it may come in handy knowing how to do it yourself. You just never know when time constraints and lack of materials may warrant the need for you to do it yourself!

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