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Get the Right Digital Camera Lens and Take Great Shots

Whether you’re an old hat at photography or this is your first go around with a digital single lens reflex camera, you need a digital camera lens. Chances are, you’ll actually need several. If you have no idea what the different lenses mean or are used for, read on.

First let’s clear up one misconception. Most cameras come standard with a fixed lens. This lens is already attached to your digital camera when you buy it from a retailer. The lens itself will let you take pictures without any hassle. That’s about as far as it goes. While this is of course essential, if you’re looking for any flexibility with your shots, you’ll need to buy additional lenses.

There are several kinds of zoom lenses that you may be interested in purchasing. What size zoom lens you need will depend on what your main subjects are. If you’re looking for lenses that will allow you to take fast action shots, you’ll want a strong lens.

First, realize that with a standard lens, you’ll be able to take great pictures, as long as you don’t mind following your subjects around. The larger and stronger the lens you purchase, the more action you can record clearly. Lenses start out at about 15-25 mm and go up from there. You can purchase different lenses from different camera manufacturers. You don’t always have to get the same kind of lens and camera.

You may find that a different manufacturer may make a lens that is more convenient for your use. Most zoom lenses will give you 2x, 5x, 10x and 20x magnification. You can also find much more powerful lenses. These lenses actually move away from the camera and focus in on your subject. You will need to manually adjust the focus and aperture with these lenses.

Many people aren’t really looking for anything that fuji lens sale will magnify a flea on the grass half a mile away. If you’re looking to take high quality photos but don’t feel like lugging around a bag full of lenses, you may want to check into prime lenses. With the advances in technology, lenses can do just about anything these days.

With a zoom lens, the photographer must be actively involved in manipulating the lens. An alternative is a prime lens. Prime lens are of simpler design with fewer moving parts. The difference between zoom lenses and prime lenses is that zoom lenses must function at a variety of focal lengths, where prime lenses can be optimized for one particular focal length.

Prime lenses are convenient and also thought to provide much higher quality photos but this is not always completely true. However, prime lens gives you much more freedom to click and shoot quickly without changing out lenses.

If you’re a novice, you may be more interested in prime lenses. This lens will give you crisp, clear shots that will impress everyone. You won’t need to change lenses; this lens does everything for you. Whatever lens you decide to go with, make sure to take good care of your lens. Clean it regularly and always make sure to cover it with the appropriate lens cover. This is the best way to get the longest use out of your lens.


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