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How Parents As Facebook Friends Help Bullying

OK then, so we all know that for most kids, having your parents as your Facebook friends is not cool!:-) However, as the impact of bullying through social media and other cyberbullying rapidly grows, being Facebook friends with your children or parents really should be part of the family agenda. It is a tricky issue to get around – invasion of privacy, coolness or lack thereof and just the general aura of kids and teenagers in general of wanting not that much to do with their folks!

Having your children as friends on your Facebook page…

is not that uncommon however there is still a significant gap with as much as 35% of teens who have parents on Facebook that are not friends with them according to CNBC, Kaplan Test Prep’s latest survey.

What this survey also found was that of this 35%, nearly half of those teens are simply ignoring their parents’ friend requests despite the claim from 82% of teens that their parents are still involved in their academic lives.

Are you friends with your kids on Facebook?

“Friending” or “following” your kids through popular social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, can be a great way to connect and grow your relationship with your kids. Done the right way, it is an ideal medium to learn about, and also from, your children.

When you are friends with your kids online, you can be aware of who they are talking to online, what they are up to outside of school, and be sure that the photos and content they post are appropriate. It’s not spying – if someone comes to the door of your house or your child has friends over or even phone calls, it is your accepted right to look over your child and make sure they are safe and in safe situations. Why then should an internet connection require extreme privacy and closed doors?

By successfully and openly connecting with your kids online, you can protect them from some of the potential dangers of the Internet associated with social media, from online predators facebook friend remover to cyberbullying. There are many situations which your children may find innocent or inviting that are potentially dangerous. It takes a parent to make sure these sometimes misleading situations do not get overlooked.

That being said however, being Facebook friends with your kids isn’t always enough. Kids can adjust their privacy settings so that parents have limited access to their profiles and information. In addition, many teens may not want to friend their parents in an effort to become more independent or to keep that privacy intact. Lets face it, many things get talked about or posted on Facebook that your kids just don’t want you to know or find out about!

And what about that 38% of kids who are ignoring their parents’ friend requests altogether?

How TrueCare Can Help The Situation

TrueCare offers an Internet protection service that allows parents to monitor their kids’ social networking accounts 24/7, with automatic e-mail alerts that also lets parents know when new, relevant content is posted.

It’s not spying on your kids – it’s simply providing that additional level of protection they really need to keep predators and cyberbullies away. So even if you’re not on Facebook yourself, you can still easily have peace of mind and keep your kids safe at the same time.

With TrueCare, you will have access to resources that keep you updated on the latest in social networking trends, new Facebook privacy settings, and breaking news on cyberbullying and online predators. By learning more about social networking, you will have the skills and the street smarts to start an ongoing dialogue with your kids about the potential risks of the Internet and how they too can learn how to use the Internet safely.

Visit True Care for more information on cyberbullying, online safety and something that is often not thought about until it is too late – Internet reputation management.

Just remember that overall, although it can be a potentially tricky situation to overcome, being Facebook friends and connecting with your children online in all sorts of social media situations and platforms will enable you to keep that protecting eye on your children, shielding them from predators and bullies as well as building a stronger and more honest relationship with them.

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