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The Most Expensive Perfume In The World

Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian really and truly deserves the title of the most expensive perfume in the world. This fragrance consists of a bewitching aroma called Clive Christian number 1. Also it is listed in Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive perfume. It took Clive Christian 6 years to design Imperial Majesty. This is a perfume for all:for men as well as for women. There are only 10 bottles produced with the capacity of 507 ml. The composition is represented by a blend of 200 various ingredients most of which are extremely expensive, rare, and difficult to obtain: Indian sandalwood, pure Tahiti vanilla, violet root, bergamot, ylang ylang grown in Madagascar, and natural rubber. Of course, some of these ingredients are not very rare, but all of them are subject to a specific process of raising the aim of which is to preserve purity of the natural aroma. 바카라

According to Clive Christian, the perfumers who worked on this magical fragrance were told to forget about money and create the most wonderful aroma ever made in the history of mankind. Those who would like to get acquainted with this wonder with no particular prejudice to their budget, have a chance to buy a mini version of this perfume – Mini Majesty. It is a bottle of 30 ml that costs $2,500.

The aroma composition attracts with its extravagance and charm. Bergamot, lime, tangerine, and white peach accompanied by Indian jasmine add an unforgettable flavor to the odor. The woman who will be lucky to wear such a posh fragrance, will definitely have no doubt about her feminine appeal.

As for the outer look of the scent, the bottle which is worthy of an emperor, was designed by a French glass expert Baccarat Crystal and is adorned with a 5-carat diamond, an 18-carat golden collar necklace, and white small diamonds. The value of the Imperial Majesty fragrance totals $245,000 for a bottle. Having purchased this perfume, you will definitely feel yourself a unique person. By the way, for this price the perfume will be delivered in a Bentley car. Sir Elton John once ordered Imperial Majesty in a bottle of a piano shape. That cost him $250,000.

Clive Christian bought the perfume company Crown Perfumery in 1999. The brand itself exists since 1872. Even queen Elizabeth considered the perfume of this company the most sophisticated, luxurious, and high-quality. The Clive Christian number 1 is the best seller among the most expensive perfumes in the world.



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