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Traffic Building Bonanza – How to Blog Your Way to Big Bucks Effortlessly

OK, lets take a quick look at some easy ways to start blogging THIS weekend for fun and profit. Contrary to what many people are teaching in terms of the dynamics to make money from your big buck blogging aspirations, there are really only a few very simple things you NEED to know to get started. Let’s cover them quickly below:

1) Pick a hosting environment. Essentially, do you want to set your blog up on a hosted provider ( i.e. – they control most of the blogging tools and technology) or do you want to host and install your blog independently, on a shared server of your choosing? ( MUCH better..very easy, inexpensive and a better long term strategy if you have real big plans!)

2) Pick your blogging platform: BONANZAJP If you are self hosting, the best choice, for a wide variety of reasons is WordPress. If you are using a hosted solution, your best bet is simply to compare features and pick the ones most amenable to your needs.

3) Pick a PASSION! By far..the most important ingredient to setting up a successful blog is simply LOVING your topic..being committed, passionate and wanting your voice to rise above the rooftops. Hands down, passion will kill skill, savvy and smarts, every time – so if you’ve got it..bring it on, baby!

4) Optimization and Monetization. There are more too these than can be covered in a small article..but they are NOT difficult, and do NOT need to scary. Simply stated, pick the best route to monetize your blog before you start and you will be grateful you did. Optimize your blog for the topic you are covering, most easily by choosing your post titles carefully, and you will be better off than 99% of the bloggers out there.

5) Discipline. Again – just a slender shred down on the importance totem pole from PASSION. You got to set time aside..post frequently and with a degree of diligence and determination. There are many slop blogs out there. I don’t want yours to join them. Be proud of your work, and your bank account will invariably benefit.

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