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Gold is so vitally important to World of Warcraft characters because it allows gamers to purchase the necessities to be successful in their quests. Special gear and supplies necessary to level up must be purchased using gold. Simply put, without gold your character parishes. It is also advised that the player stockpiles as much gold as they possibly can to advance to the higher levels of the game.

Unlike some other gold collecting guides that simply advise players to go to the auction house so they can sell items they have collected including gems and enchants, there is a detailed strategy mapped out for the player that gives them the greatest chance for success while at the same time pointing out valuable information that is vital for success. There is also some helpful information about Reputation additions as well.

There are some important factors that many World of Warcraft Gold guides fail to address. It is important to know where to farm so the player is not wasting time on activities that are not optimally productive. Equally important is knowing which gold making methods work best in Azeroth and in the Outlands. Different techniques are required for these two locations. also does a nice job of informing the player of what to sell and when and where to sell it. There are no Buy wow gold generalizations but specific instructions. The items that are in high demand are of course the most costly and therefore it is helpful to receive directions on how to go about pricing them appropriately. Those instructions are included and are very helpful.

Another nice aspect of Warcraft Millionaire is the fact that it can be used effectively by newbies as well as seasoned veterans. It begins by walking the players through the various stages of the game and explaining the exact role that gold plays in the World of Warcraft. In WoW, he who owns the gold and experience points, owns the game.