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Wicker Furniture Reviews – Dining Sets

Having a good dining set is very important for those who entertain guests frequently at dinner. Wicker dining sets are some of the best dining sets that you can get in the world. These masterfully crafted sets not only look good but they will also last you for many years. Other than that, you should choose wicker because it is environmentally friendly. Thousands of common homeowners and others are picking up wicker furniture for this very reason. Wicker furniture is also quite economic in most cases and hence that serves as an added attraction.

In this article I will review a few dining sets that are perfect for most homes. They are in different styles, showcasing some of the styles that you can expect from wicker dining sets. We start with a set called the Tokyo Dining Set.

This set is a very elegant set with an exotic touch in the design. It is made up of wicker that has been woven over an underlying framework of wood. It is a beautiful set that seats four people around a square table. The color combination is normal wicker with black wooden framework. The chairs have the black wooden framework that also makes the legs. The perfectly square table is also built in the Wicker Dining Sets same manner but also has additional black wooden linings on the edges.

The chairs on this set are mid back and have a casual feel about them. They have a pronounced recline and also armrests. Thus they make the set more of a semi-formal dining set than something completely and totally formal.

The next set is called Daytona and it has a much lighter color scheme with a touch of the designer. It is made up of light colored wicker that has been woven around a mixed framework of wicker and wood. The chairs have wooden legs and the back rest area has a part of the wicker framework exposed through the middle. This gives the entire set a very distinct designer look. The wooden framework has a grayish blue color that provides a nice contrast to the light colored wicker.

The rectangular table for six has a similar construction and is glass topped. But the glass lies over a solid woven layer of wicker, so it is not see-through. See-through tables are undesirable for dinner tables.

The next set is a classy one and it is called the New Mercury Dining Set. It has a nice beige and brown color combination. The chairs and the table are all constructed with woven wicker on a framework of wood. The wood has a brown finish that makes for a nice contrast with the light beige colored wicker.

The table has a broad and solid construction and has a thick wooden framework in between which you have a solid layer of woven wicker that makes for the tabletop.

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