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Wired Or Wireless Multifunctional Bug and Camera Detector – Product Review

It isn’t everyday that you might need this new item or everyone who could use this but electronic eavesdropping is huge all over the country. For one reason or another people find the need to eavesdrop on neighbors, unfaithful spouses, business competitors and more.

It is the latest in high tech technology and has never before been sold anywhere-brand new. It is three counter surveillance tools in one with as many as six different functions.

Surveillance devices can be done in two traditional ways with a hidden camera or a listening device known affectionately as a “bug.” They both send out RF (radio frequency) signals the key to their undoing. Add GPS tracking devices and you have a third.

“The Wired or Wireless Camera Multifunctional Detector combines the latest laser frequency visual detection methods, as well as detecting the wide band radio frequency (RF) of wireless video Electronic Bug Detector and/or audio transmitters (bugs), in an easy to use hidden bug detector.”

The unit is small enough that it can be carried in your pocket or purse to make quick sweeps of any area you suspect has a hidden camera or microphone. Such areas could be restaurants, hotel rooms, rest room, gyms, board rooms, office areas, homes and businesses.

The sweep for example could be done in a meeting room before meeting with an important client or at your home if you suspect it is bugged.

To use the multifunctional detector visual detection feature, just look through the specially focused viewing port. If there are any camera lenses within a 10 foot range they will appear to flash red, giving away their location.

Wireless detection works by sliding the control switch to the RF mode and wave it around the room like you were dusting them and any hidden microphones will be discovered.

This new product will detect wired and wireless hidden cameras and wireless microphones using the latest laser frequency visual detection and radio frequency detection with an audible and vibrating alert.

Need to find a GPS device hidden on a car or truck? This device will find it by sweeping the vehicle and find real time tracking devices.

Find out where these devices are and maybe who is using them against you and you will rest easier knowing your private conversations are just that-private.

If you need to find a hidden microphone, GPS device on your car or truck or hidden camera in your home, office or business- this is your baby. When are you getting one?

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